Harmal oil - زيت الحرمل

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Harmal is generally appropriated in Saudi Arabia and all through the Middle East. It is utilized as a therapeutic plant in conventional societies and the seeds are a wellspring of unsaturated oil. In the current examination, tocol (tocopherol and tocotrienol), triacylglycerol, and unsaturated fat organizations, shade content, warm conduct, and different physicochemical properties of R. stricta oil were portrayed to decide the likely employments of this seed oil. Our outcomes show that the oil is a rich wellspring of bioactive atoms, including δ-tocopherol (896 mg/100 g), γ-tocopherol (148 mg/100 g), and carotenoids (15.67 mg/kg). The oil substance of the seeds was 13.68% and the triacylglycerol's chiefly comprised of linoleic corrosive (59.03%), and oleic corrosive (27.01%). The major triacylglycerol's were trilinoleate, dilinoleate, and monolinoleate. The proportion of unsaturated to immersed unsaturated fats (UFA/SFA) in the oil was high (9.20). Moreover, the oil indicated a serious level of warm dependability and a low softening purpose of roughly −25 °C. These information demonstrate that R. stricta seed oil, which is low in soaked fats and wealthy in bioactive mixes, is conceivably helpful in food and drug applications.


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